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Salesian Institute Youth Projects Celebrates Success Story of Resilience and Transformation: Sherol Adams' Journey from Adversity to Entrepreneurship

By Salesian Institute Youth Projects

The Salesian Institute Youth Projects humbly shares the remarkable success story of Sherol Adams, who, against all odds, transformed her life through the Stitch Ahead 3-month sewing programme offered by the organization in 2023. Sherol Adams, a resilient 44-year-old woman, witnessed a positive transformation in her life upon completing the Stitch Ahead 3-month sewing programme at the Salesian Institute Youth Projects in 2023.

Married with two boys aged 17 and 23, Sherol's journey began in the challenging neighbourhood of Hanover Park, Cape Town, where she was raised by her grandparents. Facing adversity during her teenage years, Sherol became a mother at the age of 17. Despite the absence of support from the father of her firstborn, she persevered and welcomed her second son at 21, essentially functioning as a single mom with limited resources. Her struggles intensified when her then-husband, plagued by drug abuse, subjected her and her children to both physical and mental abuse. Faced with the difficult decision to ensure the well-being of her family, Sherol courageously filed for a divorce.

Embarking on diverse career paths, ranging from hospitality to hairdressing, Sherol discovered a persistent sense of unfulfillment. Her narrative took a poignant turn when her grandmother, the bedrock of her stability and a cherished foundation, fell ill. This pivotal moment compelled Sherol to make the difficult decision of leaving her job to tend to her ailing grandmother. Tragically, her grandmother passed away, leaving Sherol grappling with a profound sense of isolation.

During this challenging period, Sherol resided in her grandmother's house, a place laden with memories. To her dismay, her family requested her to vacate the premises, a development that left her not only unemployed but also thrust into a state of destitution. The once familiar haven became a symbol of loss and upheaval in Sherol's life. Undeterred by these challenges, Sherol embarked on a tough journey to sustain her family, selling popcorn and snacks in her immediate neighbourhood. It was during this challenging period that she met someone at her local church, eventually leading to a happy marriage and the purchase of their current home in Delft.

Introduced by a friend to a Women in Business course that focused on nurturing entrepreneurship, Sherol was exposed to a new way of thinking. She was then encouraged by a church friend to enrol in the Stitch Ahead 3-month sewing programme offered by the Salesian Institute Youth Projects in Green Point, Cape Town. Her passion for sewing was ignited, and as part of completing the course, she received a domestic sewing machine.

This marked the beginning of her entrepreneurial journey. Sherol is currently in the process of opening and registering her own small sewing business, starting with the production of scrubs and aspiring to expand in the near future. Expressing her gratitude, she acknowledges the Salesian Institute Youth Projects, its funders, and facilitators for making this transformative course possible. With a radiant smile, Sherol looks forward to the future, grateful for having found her calling and eager to embrace the opportunities it brings.

The Salesian Institute Youth Projects remains committed to empowering individuals like Sherol, providing them with the tools and support needed to overcome challenges and build a brighter future. The organization encourages the community to celebrate Sherol's success and looks forward to more stories of transformation in the years to come.


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