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Turning Trash into Trees: Oricol and Food & Trees for Africa Celebrate a Decade of Sustainable Partnership

By Food & Trees for Africa

Food & Trees for Africa and Oricol Environmental Services (Oricol) celebrate a decade-long partnership dedicated to environmental sustainability and community development. This long-term collaboration, spanning 10 years, has seen significant strides in promoting green initiatives and enhancing food security across South Africa.

Oricol, a leader in waste management and environmental solutions, has been a steadfast

supporter of Food & Trees for Africa’s mission to plant trees and develop food gardens for a

greener and more sustainable future. Through its ongoing funding and active participation,

Oricol has exemplified its commitment to environmental stewardship and corporate social


"Our partnership with Food & Trees for Africa aligns perfectly with Oricol's core business

mandate and values" says Megan Bennet, Gauteng Sales Manager at Oricol. "We recognise

the critical importance of environmental sustainability and are proud to support initiatives

that not only mitigate environmental impact but also empower communities."

Oricol's dedication to sustainability is evident in its innovative waste management solutions,

which prioritise recycling, resource recovery, and environmental conservation. In keeping

with circular economy principles, waste diverted from landfills is reused in separate

manufacturing processes, thereby contributing to the preservation of natural resources and

the reduction of carbon emissions.

By partnering with Food & Trees for Africa, the company takes their commitment one step

further. Planting trees and developing organic food gardens in underserved communities

achieves the additional objectives of ensuring that natural capital is regenerated and

fortified for future generations. Together the duo have planted thousands of trees in urban

and rural areas, contributing to carbon sequestration, biodiversity conservation, and climate

resilience. These tree-planting initiatives not only enhance the natural landscape but also

provide shade, improve air quality, and create green spaces for recreation and relaxation.

"Oricol's long-standing support has been instrumental in our efforts to promote

environmental education, tree planting, and food security," says Robyn Hills, Head of

Programmes at Food & Trees for Africa. "Their commitment to sustainability extends beyond

their business operations, embodying the spirit of corporate citizenship and social


Together, they are making a tangible difference in the lives of South Africans, from empowering communities with sustainable livelihoods to fostering a deeper commitment to the circular economy. As we celebrate this decade-long partnership, we invite Corporate South Africa, communities, and the public to join us in our mission to create a more sustainable and equitable world.


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