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Masikhule's ongoing commitment to nurturing Early Childhood Development and ensuring nutrition security in Helderberg

Updated: Feb 1

By Masikhule

Masikhule is a social impact organisation that trains educators in marginalised communities of Helderberg, Western Cape, in Early Childhood Development (ECD). Over 2 000 children from birth to 5 years of age are educated and nurtured in these pre-schools each year, providing them with a sound early learning program and the best start in life.

We all know that you cannot teach a hungry child and poor nutrition is particularly detrimental for long-term physical growth and development, as stunted growth during this period is associated with later cognitive deficits and academic underachievement. This is why NUTRITION is one of Masikhule’s pillars of service.

For many families living in marginalised communities, food security is a real challenge with

school meals often being the only source of nutrition for young children. Masikhule has been

supporting ECD centers with nutrition solutions for many years.

This assistance includes providing equipment for food preparation, training the cooks and

providing an affordable menu that guides them with regards to healthy food choices and

portion sizes. They have also worked alongside ForAfrika (previously JAMSA) to provide fortified porridge and Pebbles Project kitchens to provide cooked, healthy meals. In 2023 alone Masikhule provided 12 050 kg of daily porridge and 85 080 balanced lunch meals.

The great news is that 2024 is all set to continue with these food supplies! An amazing donor, Upside Trust, is once again providing the funding to supply nutritious porridge, bowls and storage bins, as well as pots and Wonderbags in order to ensure over 2 000 young children will receive a breakfast of nutrient-dense porridge that ensures a good start to the day.

With regards to the prepared and frozen meals, that are wholesome and nutritious, Pebbles

Project kitchens delivers to central drop-off points twice a month. They have secured funding

that ensure the meals are affordable, and Golden Sunbeams E.v., a long-time supporter of

Masikhule, covers the costs of many of the meals as well.

Together these partners have ensured that more than 2 000 children from 50 ECD Centres will receive the nutrition they require in order for their children to develop, grow, focus and learn. Together with training and mentoring ECD educators, assisting with resources and ensuring adequate nutrition – Masikhule’s ultimate goal to ensure all children reach foundation phase on track is being realised!


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