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3 Years of Revolutionising the Way Brands Attract & Retain Talent in SA

By Tinkwe

The Social Craft is changing the talent narrative in South Africa, for the 3rd year in a row.

Turning three in 2023, The Social Craft is celebrating its birthday with remarkable statistics and a growing client list. With a 241% increase in 2023 alone, the company has also seen an impressive 3x employee growth in an independent, female-owned and managed company. Packed with exceptional talent creating remarkable narratives that emphasise an organisation’s value, culture and employee experiences, The Social Craft is here to put employer brand on the agenda.

“We didn’t beat the odds, we defined them,” says Samantha Coom, CEO and Founder of The Social Craft. “Yes, the economy, the market and the geopolitical landscape are all uncertain and messy, but we kept on growing because we doubled-down on doing what we do best – solving very real business problems, with the future of work and talent at the core. We ensure our clients get the business results they need by attracting and retaining the best talent.”

How The Social Craft is more than just a digital branding agency, tackling the talent arena whilst turning the digital tables.

In a landscape where scarce skills like IT, engineering, and financial services are in high demand, The Social Craft is actively solving for the war on talent in the country and making a measurable impact for brands seeking out critical skills. By aligning their efforts with the urgent needs of the nation, The Social Craft is becoming a driving force in solutioning the great resignation.

In today's recruiting arena, The Social Craft doesn't just grasp but passionately embraces the reality that a brand's digital impact transcends websites. It's not just crucial; it's vital to seize the thrilling potential of diverse digital channels, creating a unique brand narrative. Think prime digital real estate, where attention is currency, and engagement is the golden key.

With an unwavering digital-first mindset, they strategically position clients on trending social media platforms, industry-specific job boards and multiple career websites and channels, painting a vivid picture of a brand’s image and employment ecosystem with the intent to engage and retain critical talent.

The impact is tangible: The company has shown significant sales growth with a 354% growth in LinkedIn Media spend which reflects its commitment to providing high-quality social engagement for brands.

“We focus on people and what resonates with them,” says Coom. “We make employers and careers resonate with the new workforce by creating conversations, content and communities that capture a brand’s value proposition perfectly. We meet the talent where they exist, using platforms like LinkedIn and TikTok. We’ve even pulled financial institutions onto TikTok, with an insights-led media and content strategy so they can talk to their talent, directly in a channel that matters to their audience. Ensuring that clients can position themselves and recruit where it’s relevant.”

It’s more than showing up on social, it's about selecting the right platforms and showing up with the right data-led story at the right time and with the power of digital, you can do just that.

“For example, our surge in LinkedIn spend aligns with the 73% surge in student LinkedIn sign-ups – we’re paying attention!” says Coom.“ Approximately 1.2 million students are crafting the narratives on LinkedIn and by engaging with them for our brands we’re unlocking South Africa’s talent potential.”

“We are also living what we do for a living,” concludes Coom. “We don’t just advocate for the future of work, we are it. Fully remote, completely digital, and plugged into global trends and demands, we understand the market and how to get things done in a way that is uniquely relevant, with speed and impact. We love Africa and we want this continent to work by transforming skills, retaining the minds we need to propel the continent forward, plugging the brain drain and helping brands kick their models and revenue into high gear for the next consumer.”

The Social Craft has a team of industry specialists that prioritise fast and efficient service that delivers impact and prioritised quality and here are the numbers to prove it:

1.            241% Growth in Sales

2.            354% Growth in LinkedIn Media Spend

3.            160% growth in Employees

4.            100% Female Managed & Owned

5.            376% Increase in Travel


The Social Craft develops and curates brands digitally. They are a specialist corporate and employer branding agency that builds brands’ digital footprints and turns social into sales.



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