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5 top reasons to shop local this festive season

By Mimik PR

South Africa’s leading craft and design industry support body, The Craft + Design Institute (CDI), has called on South Africans to make the switch to buying local this festive season, which will build momentum in the local creative economy.

The CDI has over 22 years of success and impact, and currently supports over 6,800 businesses and individual craft artisans in South Africa, with an annual programme of free-to-access support services. It’s website has grown into South Africa’s biggest website showcasing local craft and design featuring over 6,000 beautiful and creative products.

As the festive season approaches, CDI’s Group CEO Erica Elk says that shopping local will have a transformative impact on the many small creative businesses that make up the craft and design sector.

“Every rand we spend has enormous impact when it goes to a local small business; we have seen this time and time again in our work that locals supporting local creatives keeps the creative economy moving. Every consumer can make a difference; all through meaningful choices that benefit the local environment and local communities,” says Elk.

With an enormous array of creative goods from across South Africa, Peek is redefining the joy of gift discovery. With a commitment to providing a platform that celebrates local craftsmanship, creativity, and sustainable practices, PEEK stands out as the ultimate destination for exploring South Africa's vibrant tapestry of talent in the craft and design space.

Elk adds buying local this festive season will be a great contributor to businesses getting onto growth paths after COVID, a period during which many creative SMMEs struggled to trade.

Here's the CDI’s top 5 reasons to shop local this festive season:

1. Heritage Preservation: Creative products made in South Africa make for unique gifts that showcase the country's rich heritage.

2. Economic Impact: By choosing to buy locally, consumers actively contribute to supporting South African jobs and communities.

3. Personalised Gifting: Whether it's finding the perfect piece of decor, a unique handmade craft masterpiece, or a one-of-a-kind keepsake fashion item, local products resonate deeper on a personal and cultural level, all within the framework of conscious consumerism. 

4. Sustainable Practices: Craft and design products made locally align with eco-friendly and ethical practices. There is a huge abundance of gifting options crafted from responsibly sourced materials, supporting the ethos of reducing environmental impact and promoting sustainable production.

5. Conscious Consumerism Education: The choices consumers make can change the way gift-recipients think about their own shopping, encouraging more informed decisions and this fosters a community of mindful shoppers.

This festive season, Peek offers South Africans a delightful journey of conscious gift discovery, and a very easy way to support local creatives.

“Through Peek we aim to redefine the joy of gift discovery while promoting conscious consumerism, sustainable practices, and supporting local communities,” adds Elk.

Visit to explore the selection and connect with local creatives.


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