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A story of hope from The Homestead: empowering children's lives

By The Homestead

Children who beg on the streets and vulnerable, neglected, abused children exist in a world of deprivation and rejection wherein they are denied the basic human right of a proper education.  Without education these children will have absolutely no hope of sustainable and meaningful adulthood, their lives will sink into further misery and despair. The Homestead changes the lives of such children as they get back to school, have hope awakened, have dignity restored; their imprisoned minds are released and they see opportunities ahead.

The Bridge, a Homestead residential Child and Youth Care Centre, welcomed a new resident in June 2019. A boy, just 11 years old, who was classified as a child in need of care and protection. His biological mother and her boyfriend could no longer accommodate him because he was displaying behaviour that they could not control.

The transition from his home to a Homestead residential facility presented challenges. In the early days he was bullied which resulted in him always being in fights in which he displayed uncontrollable, violent, and aggressive behaviour.

He initially attended The Homestead Learning Centre, a ‘home-schooling’ project on the premises. Whilst being home-schooled he settled down, worked with enthusiasm and developed a yearning to go back to mainstream education. 

In 2021, a school application to the Department of Education was unsuccessful, so a further year of home-schooling was necessary. Despite being frustrated, his eagerness did not wane and he continually asked his social worker about going to mainstream school. Meanwhile he continued to work hard with the Homestead home-schooling teacher. During all this, his biological mother did not visit him.

In 2022, a further school application was submitted to the Department of Education and he waited in anticipation. In August 2022, he was finally successful! Because of his age, he was placed in Grade 7. He was thrilled and he promised to do well in all his subjects. The Homestead had been a little sceptical about Grade 7 being too high. However, to our delight and surprise, he quickly excelled at school and became one of the top achievers in the grade! His education dream was being fulfilled. He is currently in Grade 8 and doing well. He aware that not every boy like him gets such an opportunity, and he takes this very seriously.

This young man, now 15 years of age, has recently transitioned on from the Bridge in Khayelitsha and has become a resident at the LaunchPad youth centre in Observatory where he will prepare for adult independence. He continues to do well at school and demonstrates good behaviour.

The comprehensive range of Homestead interventions:

  • To uplift children and youth whose lives have been reduced to begging on the streets.

  • Serving children who are living in extremely vulnerable circumstances and are at risk of falling into a hopeless street life with all its rejection, abuse, drug addiction, and exploitation.

For more information visit:

We are located at 150, Strand Street, Cape Town. Should you wish to get into contact, you can do so with either the number: (021 419 9763) alternatively, you can E-mail us at:


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