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CANSA Introduces Additional Support Service for Children with Cancer


Parents and guardians of children with cancer face a long and tough journey from diagnosis to recovery, says Anina Meiring, National Manager: Childhood Cancer Services for the Cancer Association of South Africa (CANSA).  

“Not only do they need to be emotional pillars of strength for the children, but they also need to understand the treatment plan and find ways in which the children can cope through this challenging time,” she says.

These challenges are highlighted this International Childhood Cancer Day taking place in February. As a parent of a child with cancer, we understand that this can be an extremely challenging and overwhelming time. When a child receives a diagnosis of cancer, parents must understand the treatment plan and its potential impact on the child’s daily life and the family. This understanding can help them cope and start planning for the future.  

A recent mother that was helped, said, “It helped me a lot when the treating team explained the cancer treatment to me in a way that I could understand. I had to learn to ask for help, which I receive particularly from CANSA TLC. Looking after yourself is also very important. It’s important to spoil yourself sometimes, even if it is just for a short while.”     

New Online Service

CANSA knows only too well how children’s cancer diagnosis can be overwhelming and has launched an additional support resource to its Tough Living with Cancer (TLC) programme. The online programme, which costs a nominal R270, focuses on brain profiling for the parent and four to nine-year-old cancer-diagnosed children. 

“Brain profiling provides parents and guardians with a deep understanding of the children’s thinking preferences, decision-making processes, communication styles, and relationship-building approaches,” explains Meiring. “The resulting report from the online assessment provides insights into why the child may communicate, play and learn differently.” These insights will help to enhance parents and guardians’ connection with the children and support their well-being throughout their cancer journey.  

How it Works

Interested parents and guardians can simply go to to sign up and pay for the brain profiling programme on the secure Quicket platform. They will receive a detailed report outlining the child patient’s unique thinking preferences and communication styles within five working days of completing the online assessment. This is a non-intrusive, non-threatening process that may be completed in the comfort of their own homes. The insights the programme delivers will empower them and the child with cancer to thrive through the journey to recovery.  

Meiring adds, “It’s usual for parents or guardians to feel overwhelmed by the information about their child’s cancer, treatment options, and procedures involved. However, with the right support and guidance, parents can navigate this challenging time and provide their child with the care and love they need. By remaining strong and resilient, parents can impart hope and courage in their child and the whole family.” 

The TLC programme offers children with cancer and their parents or guardians and families several services and offerings to help them cope with the challenges of living with the dread disease. These include physical, spiritual, psychological, social, and general well-being methods of support.   


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