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CAST's Continuous Impact: Beyond Relief to Empowerment


Emergency Relief

It has been over one year since the devastating floods in KZN which affected many families around the province in April 2022. The Church Alliance for Social Transformation (CAST) non-profit organisation, based in Westville, Durban has been on the front lines in providing emergency food relief and essential items through their 13 partner churches and numerous organisations to assist displaced residents who were accommodated in community halls.

In the wake of the flood, CAST connected with KwaNdengezi Local Church in Outer West Durban, led by Senior Pastor Strydom Msomi. “CAST came at a tough time where people had lost hope after the floods. CAST assisted us in bringing hope back in the community,” recalls Msomi. “When we received the donations, we did not keep it to ourselves and think it’s only for the people who attend church, but it also reached other families.”


CAST has since begun the second phase of their flood response by working alongside their partner churches to identify families most in need of assistance in rebuilding their homes. “One of our priorities has been to help restore the dignity of those who lost everything so that they can live safely with all their basic needs met,” says George Mwaura, CAST’s PR & Fundraising Manager.

Eight families in KwaNdengezi and Dassenhoek have since benefitted from this rebuilding project. CAST has also been blessed to have the generous support of Mission Hills Church in Colorado, USA and Lakepointe Church in Texas, USA who donated towards and sent mission teams to assist in flood rebuilding. In just two weeks, each team carried out much-need repairs to the church buildings, families’ homes, and constructed brand new toilets and a kitchen which will be used for the church’s outreach project to feed children in need who have been missing school due to a lack of food at home.

Moving Beyond Charity

One of the values at CAST is sustainability – to maintain and support a process continuously over time in order to “meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.” While the flood rebuilding project has helped immensely in meeting the immediate needs of the CAST partner churches and community members, this is not the main objective of the organisation.

This year, CAST piloted two new initiatives focusing on providing ongoing development, support and guidance to those leading in community transformation. CAST assists in the equipping and empowerment of ‘Justice Teams’ (groups made up of nominated church members) to understand both their community and their call to engage in justice initiatives in their local context.

This was run parallel to the ‘Just Leaders’ programme – a course open to young leaders who are passionate about leading people, churches, and communities and aims to equip them to understand what justice in their local areas looks like. CAST believes that by journeying together, we can have a louder, collective voice, and believe God can use this to right social ills and bring about systemic change.

Here's how you can get involved:

  • Donate towards CAST’s KZN Flood Relief fund

  • Drop off household and hygiene items in clean, useable condition

  • Volunteer to pack food parcels and clothing at CAST’s Food & Clothing Warehouse

  • Participate in CAST’s fundraising activities

  • Share the work of CAST on social media

CAST is a registered NPO: 085-077 NPO and Section 30 organisation under the Income Tax Act. Donations made to the organisation are tax deductible under Section 18A (1)(a) of the Income Tax Act. For more information, contact CAST by emailing, call (031) 266 8830 or visit


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