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Celebrating Digital Learning Day and EcoTraining's impact in the sphere of digital Learning and education

By Eco Training

Digital Learning Day, an annual celebration observed on the last Thursday of February, stands as a testament to the transformative influence of technology in the realm of education.

This occasion presents an invaluable opportunity to reflect the advancements in digital teaching methods and the profound potential they hold for shaping the educational landscape of future generations. The day also serves as an occasion to spotlight digital pedagogy and showcase pioneering teachers, leaders, and instructional technology programs.

Commencing in 2012, Digital Learning Day, often referred to as DL Day, has evolved into a nationwide event devoted to acknowledging high-quality instruction and future-oriented student accomplishments that seamlessly integrate technology through innovative and impactful approaches. It is a day that not only propels growth but also widens educational horizons.

The digital revolution has provided unparalleled access to information, empowering individuals to conduct research, pursue education, and engage in learning. This form of learning optimizes digital tools, encompassing various facets to empower students, including online, blended, or hybrid learning and associated resources.

Digital learning has gained paramount importance, especially as learning is no longer confined to the boundaries of a school or classroom. Learning has become mobile, transcending physical limitations, occurring anywhere – be it at home, a coffee shop, or in the library.

Adding to its list of successful conservation courses, EcoTraining’s online courses has proven it has the perfect teaching methods to captivate students by immersing them in the magic of engaging with nature through their screens. The online courses cater to nature enthusiasts who aspire to study professional guiding but are unable to be in the African bush.

“Online Field and Trail Guide Courses mark a significant milestone in the world of wildlife education, as the first of its kind in Africa. We are commited to fostering a deeper connection between people and the natural world, and with the online courses, we are making it more accessible than ever before. Through the digital platform, aspiring field guides and nature enthusiasts can now embark on a learning journey within the confines of their own homes. I’m excited to empower a new generation of eco-conscious individuals, equipping them with the knowledge needed to become stewards of our precious natural heritage.” said EcoTraining Director, Alex van den Heever.

Enrol in EcoTraining’s Online Courses & Experiences at EcoTraining today and take the first step towards a transformative learning journey!


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