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Circular Homes - Giving back to nature

Natashia de Wet and Dora Wolhuter are the two ladies behind Circular Homes, which was born on World Soil Day almost 5 years ago. The need to help nature and the passion to make a difference for future generations are the driving force behind this duo.

Food waste is an overseen valuable resource and Circular Homes change people’s mindsets to realise that it should not be dumped in black wheelie bins. We can use food waste to make our soils healthier and more nutrient rich. Not only will it produce beautiful organic vegetables, it will also reduce our carbon footprint and help to save landfill space.

Circular Homes work with Bokashi, which is a probiotic that prevents all types of food waste to rot. Thus Bokashi limits foul odours and it also helps to speed up the breaking down of organic matter in the compost heap. It is an easy two stage process which starts by collecting all types of food waste, including meat, fish, cooked and uncooked leftovers, bones, fat, citrus, onions, dairy etc. Then once a day you throw your leftovers in a Bokashi bin together with a handful of Bokashi. Always keep the bin airtight, out of direct sunlight. Once the Bokashi bin is full, let it stand closed for 2 weeks. After the 2 weeks, it is ready for stage 2 which is composting it, burying it, feeding it to a worm farm or to give to your local community garden.

Natashia contacted her local community garden, Somerset West Village Garden in December 2018 and she presented them with the plan to teach the neighbourhood to ferment all their food waste with Bokashi and then it can be composted and used in their organic vegetable garden. It was implemented and to date more than 27 000kg of fermented Bokashi food waste bins was received from local households and composted. Circular Homes are at the Somerset West Village Garden every Tuesday 9:00 – 11:00 if anyone wants to see what they do or for any Bokashi or composting


Natashia and Dora enjoy working with wine farms and restaurants to teach them how to compost all their food waste. They also offer a pickup service if food waste can’t be composted on site.

Circular Homes sells the Bokashi and Bokashi bins and also offer training to businesses that would like to be greener.

For any questions, please contact Circular Homes 066 231 2839 or 083 292 0739.


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