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EcoTraining empowers women on international day of education

By EcoTraining

EcoTraining a leading provider of professional field guide and nature training in Africa, proudly reaffirms its commitment to The International Day of Education celebrated annually on January 24th. Aligned with the UNESCO’s theme for this year, which underscores the pivotal role of education in fostering peace and development, EcoTraining emphasises the critical need for inclusive and equitable quality education to attain gender equality.

As the oldest guide training school in Southern Africa, EcoTraining has a rich history of providing employment opportunities, especially to women from its surrounding communities - due to its longstanding relationship with many of Africa’s top game reserves.

“Our community training empowers community members to participate and lead in the industry. To address important economic and social factors these young community members are the future leaders who will shape our politics, economy, and businesses.” said Managing Director Anton Lategan.

“We have many career and online courses available to international and local students. Learning about nature doesn’t even have to take place in the bush. Students can easily access our online courses, making education more accessible to anyone seeking to deepen their understanding of the natural world,” said Lategan.

One notable initiative by EcoTraining is the Female Nature Guide Training Program, initiated in November 2021 in collaboration with The African Bush Camps Foundation. The program aims to decrease barriers of entry for women into the male-dominated guiding industry by offering full scholarship training at institutions such as EcoTraining's Botswana camp. Additionally, participants undertake a two-year experiential learning contract as trainee or junior guides within the African Bush Camps.

Key objectives of the program include:

  • Decreasing Barriers: Providing women with full scholarship training to enter the guiding industry.

  • Empowering Women: Focusing on marginalised, underprivileged, and disadvantaged women to foster empowerment.

  • Increasing Representation: Striving to enhance the numbers of women in the guiding field.

  • Education and Empowerment: Equipping women with sustainable skills and knowledge for a successful career in nature guiding.

Since its inception, the Female Nature Guide Training Program has sponsored eight females to become professional safari guides, marking a significant stride towards gender inclusivity in the field. Three of those participants received training at EcoTraining's Mashatu camp in Botswana towards the end of 2023, furthering the program's impact.

EcoTraining remains committed to sustainable education and empowerment, recognising that education is the cornerstone for peace, development, and equality. As the organisation continues to contribute to transforming education, it calls on the global community to join hands in creating a brighter, more inclusive future for all.

EcoTraining is the pioneer and leader in Africa’s safari guide and wildlife training. The safari industry widely recognises EcoTraining’s credibility and standard of excellence in nature guide training. They offer accredited career courses, gap year and sabbatical programmes, nature programmes, high school and university study abroad programmes, custom courses and on-site professional guide training at safari lodges. All courses are run directly from EcoTraining’s unfenced bush camps in prime wilderness areas across South Africa, Botswana and Kenya.

The African Bush Camps Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to the upliftment of communities within and surrounding wildlife areas in Africa. Through various initiatives, the foundation aims to create opportunities for education, skill development, and environmental conservation.

Additional Resources:

For more information on the International Day of Education and UNESCO's theme, visit UNESCO


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