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Food & Trees for Africa (FTFA): Nurturing a Sustainable Future

By Nicole Ras

Food & Trees for Africa (FTFA) is a social development non-profit organisation based in South Africa, dedicated to addressing various socio-economic and environmental challenges through the sustainable promotion of food security, environmental conservation, and greening initiatives. Founded in 1990, FTFA has grown into one of the leading organisations in South Africa, contributing significantly to the country’s sustainable development.

Mission and Goals

FTFA’s core purpose is to improve lives and landscapes towards healthy people on a healthier planet. The organisation seeks to achieve this through several key goals:

Tree Planting: FTFA is committed to greening Africa by planting trees in schools, communities, and urban areas. Their Trees for All and Trees for Homes initiatives have been instrumental in raising awareness about the importance of trees and engaging communities in tree planting.

Food Security: FTFA promotes food security by teaching communities sustainable farming techniques, establishing community and market food gardens, and distributing food garden resources to under-resourced households and communities.

Environmental Education: The organisation believes in the power of education to create lasting change. FTFA runs various environmental education programs, engaging schools and communities in learning about the environment, climate change, and sustainable agriculture.

Noteworthy activities

  • In 2022 we planted 33 038 trees throughout South Africa. Since its inception, more than 4.7 million trees have been planted through various Food & Trees for Africa partnerships. Many of these trees were planted under the award-winning Trees for All program.

  • Each year, the organization supports hundreds of food gardens under the community and market gardens initiatives to improve food sovereignty and food security in under-resourced communities until they become self-sustainable. In 2022 the organisation supported 80 community-based food gardens and 320 homestead gardens.

  • Food & Trees for Africa’s EduPlant Programme is the largest and most impactful school gardening program in South Africa. EduPlant seeks to promote sustainable practices, environmental ethics, and whole systems thinking through various education mechanisms that teach learners how to grow their own food using permaculture. Approximately 60% of learners take these learned skills back home where more gardens are established, exponentially increasing food security. In 2022 Food & Trees for Africa’s EduPlant Programme won the Trialogue Strategic CSI Award.

  • Food & Trees for Africa is the proud parent of the Inclusive Carbon Standard (ICS), a next-generation low-cost standard for buying and selling carbon credits that lowers the barriers of entry to the market. At approximately 80% less than the cost of other standards, ICS ensures that everyone is able to participate in sustainable carbon projects and the regeneration of the planet. ICS makes it easy for communities and individuals, without a technical background, to register carbon projects under approved methodologies.

Food & Trees for Africa has played a pivotal role in addressing critical challenges faced by African communities, including poverty, hunger, and environmental degradation. Through its tree planting, food security, and environmental education programs, FTFA has made remarkable strides in nurturing a sustainable future for Africa. With a commitment to green the continent and empower communities, FTFA continues to be a beacon of hope for a more prosperous and sustainable Africa.


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