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Knowledge for Life: CANSA Unveils Podcast Series For #GivingTuesday


In a significant step towards community education, CANSA introduces a podcast series sharing helpful insights into lowering the cancer risk and care. This initiative underlines CANSA’s commitment to educating the public with knowledge that can make a difference in the fight against cancer.

In alignment with #GivingTuesdaySA, CANSA’s podcast series contributes to the global generosity movement by giving back to the community through knowledge. This initiative aims to empower individuals with information that can positively affect their lives.

The newly launched podcast series, ‘On the CANSA Couch’ is a hub of information, focusing on practical ways to reduce our cancer risk while spotlighting consumer goods awarded and carrying the CANSA Smart Choice Seal of Recognition. This Smart Choice Seal is a valuable educational tool assisting all South Africans, including cancer patients, caregivers, and healthcare providers, in making informed shopping decisions. It’s also about education and information to reduce exposure to cancer-causing compounds (carcinogens) and other risk factors associated with cancer development.

With a monthly release schedule, each episode delves into specific aspects of cancer risk reduction and patient care, featuring expert guests who share their knowledge and experiences. ‘On the CANSA Couch’ is made possible by partner, Liberty who together with CANSA, aims to help raise awareness and screening. The partnership sees Liberty sponsoring screening clinics, as well as getting involved in efforts to educate people about early detection, testing and sharing knowledge to educate.

Episode highlights include exploring the role of nutrition in cancer prevention and CANSA’s Colorectal Health Awareness campaign.  One episode features CANSA’s Clinical Health Specialist, Prof Michael Herbst talking about choosing sunscreens and being SunSmart with a guest speaker from Emthunzini Hats. How physical activity helps in lowering our cancer risk and for patients and survivors, is further explored with guests from Rebound SA.


Patient care is discussed regarding hair loss in cancer patients with cancer survivors sharing their experiences about the emotional aspects. Guest speakers that joined for this session are from Compassion Hat and CP Cosmetics. CANSA further delves into the resources and online support available after a cancer diagnosis and on seeking help post-cancer diagnosis.

Says Kudzai Nyaruve, Seal of Recognition Coordinator, at CANSA, “We invite you on a journey towards more informed living. Join us in the fight against cancer by subscribing to our podcast series today. By subscribing, you’ll gain access to a wealth of knowledge on ways to decrease cancer risk, patient care, and insightful discussions with experts in this field. It’s all about gaining knowledge and tools to lead a more balanced lifestyle and making smarter choices. Subscribe now and be part of the CANSA community dedicated to spreading awareness and knowledge.”

“CANSA extend their sincere thanks to the CANSA Seal partners who have contributed to the success of this podcast series to date. The involvement is invaluable in our mission to educate about cancer,” concluded Nyaruve.

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