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LOVE TO GIVE: Empowering vulnerable learners, youth and adults of Kayamandi through education, work experiences and food security

By Love to Give

Love to Give’s centre is based in Kayamandi, a suburb of Stellenbosch, where many live

below the bread line, and their health, safety, education and livelihoods are at risk or


Started in 2005, Love to Give’s primary purpose is to provide tangible support for families

whose lives are compromised by poverty and to support learners with nourishment and

quality educational support. We provide meals for approximately 1500 school learners

every day, and 80 monthly food parcels to families. We offer 100 unemployed adults a 2-day

a week paid work experience together with Micro-business and other training for six

months to assist them in starting their own business or in finding a job.

As part of our partnership with the YearBeyond program, we offer 50 unemployed youth

from Kayamandi a one-year paid meaningful work experience. During their year with us,

these interns or YeBoneers work as tutors for 20 referred learners each from both Primary

Schools in Kayamandi. They support them with their lessons and homework, run after

school activities and ensure that they get to school safely with the “walking bus”. The

walking bus wends its way through Kayamandi each school day singing, encouraging and

collecting learners on their way to school.

Love to Give’s Community Garden

Pictured above: Participants of Love to Give’s programmes working in our community

vegetable garden

Pictured above: Nomveliso Xhalisile (Mveli), Love to Give’s Garden Manager

The Love to Give community vegetable garden has been an important part of our

organisation since we started in 2005. Participants are required to start their day in the

garden, and it is thriving under Mveli’s management. She joined us in August 2023 after

completing her 3-year Diploma in Agricultural management. She is responsible for healthy

garden maintenance – rotating crops, harvesting vegetables, making compost, mulching and

daily watering. She works closely with the participants of our programme who learn by

working side by side with her in the garden She also runs workshops about environmental

sustainability and is teaching eco-friendly gardening practices and healthy eating. We

encourage our participants to develop their own gardens at home for which we provide

seedlings, compost and tools. Our gorgeous garden competition is a highlight of the year.

One of our recent winners was Yonela Ngoshe whose garden is featured in the photograph


The produce from the Love to Give garden - beetroot, cabbage, carrots, peas, spinach -

supplements the monthly food parcels our adult participants receive.

We have some garden beds allocated for the learners from the Primary Schools in

Kayamandi to grow vegetables. Mveli spends time with the learners and Yeboneers

to teach them about vegetable gardening too.

We are delighted to have such an energetic and knowledgeable Garden Manager. Mveli has

made a big difference to the garden and is positively changing many lives in Kayamandi.

Micro Business Development at Love to Give

One of the opportunities we provide for the adult participants in our program is a small

business course. With more than half the workforce in South Africa unable to find jobs

starting a micro business is way to step out of poverty. On this year’s Micro business course,

we have 17 participants with various different business ideas - farming pigs, making

ceremonial sticks, making and selling clothing and preparing and selling food.

Ntomboduma Mange was one of the participants in last year’s business course. She came to

the course with a fledgling business – she was making furniture from discarded materials

she found on the dump and specialised in tables and chairs but also made cots. The three

pictures below show the furniture Ntombodumo was making when she came onto the


During the course, Ntombodumo expressed her frustration with developing her business.

She was dreaming of furniture designs but she did not have the skill or tools to make them.

With the help of one of our board members, Ntombodumo was introduced to the owner of

a small business making more sophisticated furniture . They were happy to take her on as an

apprentice for a few months and shared their workshop and their skill with her. She got to

use and learn about different woodworking tools and techniques. By the end of her

apprenticeship she had made a cabinet which she was justifiably proud of and her small

business has benefited greatly from the experience. The picture below is of a cabinet she

made during her apprenticeship.

We looking forward to seeing more micro businesses flourish as we continue with our small

business development training.

If you would like to find out more about Love to Give or support our organisation, please

find all the details you need on our website:


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