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Grow ECD has a fresh new look

By Grow ECD

Grow Educare Centres changes to Grow ECD

Grow ECD is the new name for what was, until very recently, Grow Educare Centres, an organisation that helps ECD Centres deliver 5-star education to the next generation. The new name comes with a fresh new logo, while the organisation’s core commitment of seeing 5-star early learning happening in every neighbourhood remains exactly the same.

Grow ECD’s work has evolved from an exclusively centre-focused organisation to an ECD sector-focused organisation. Grow ECD’s National Marketing Manager Helene Brand says, “The name ‘Grow Educare Centres’ implies that we operate centres or work exclusively with centres. We have moved away from our franchise model of ‘running centres’, to working with any independent centre and growing the ECD sector as a whole. We wanted to update our brand identity to reflect this move and position our organisation as professional, future-forwards but still fun,” she says.

“As our business is children, the new logo is inspired by a child's scribbles, constantly reminding us of the impact we want to achieve. Each scribble and drawing is unique and evolves to tell a story of personal identity and growth. A scribble today can become ABCs or a signature tomorrow. It is a sign of the human potential waiting to be unlocked,” says Brand.

“Every centre owner, teacher, parent and child’s journey to purpose and excellence is different but it should be fun. Our new logo acknowledges that this is serious and important work while incorporating fun elements to remind us that the best way to grow and learn is through play.”

“As our way of working evolves, our core aim remains the same: we want to give every child the opportunity to attend a sustainable 5-star ECD centre in their neighbourhood,” she says. “Our name and logo have changed to reflect our future-forward vision and to showcase the child at the heart.”

See the updated Grow ECD website and watch the video about the new look here:

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