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One word can make all the difference


That word, for cancer patients and their loved ones is HOPE.

Ingrid Rabie (49 yrs) is someone who understands the motivating power of hope.

In 2019, Ingrid consulted her GP and was misdiagnosed. The COVID pandemic followed suit and although Ingrid’s concerning symptoms persisted, she was only correctly diagnosed with colorectal cancer in 2023.

For Ingrid, or anyone else living with cancer, the journey can be likened to the weaving of a fabric.

Every woven fabric consists of two layers:  the warp - the long strong threads that form the basis and length of the weaving; and the weft - the shorter threads that criss-cross the warp and create the width, the colours and the pattern.

In Ingrid’s pattern, there were the dark threads starting with the shock of the diagnosis; the late identification of the cancer at stage 3; and the initial fear that comes with hearing the word ‘cancer’.

Then add not having a medical aid to help with the cost of treatment; and a post-operative infection that led to another operation and two stoma bags. 

But there were also some lighter threads:  starting with Ingrid’s husband who insisted on getting her into treatment no matter what the cost.


Following on was the professional and caring hospital treatment she received during the scans, the biopsy, the quickly arranged robotic surgery; the good days; and the love, compassion, and encouragement she received.

Underneath all the experiences that created Ingrid’s weft threads, the strong warp threads were holding everything together - those threads were HOPE…

Hope was in Ingrid’s heart and gave her the determination to live.  And uppermost was the hope that she would one day run around with her future grandchildren.

Ingrid’s hope was bolstered daily by the support she received.  Support, not just from those closest to her, but also from our CANSA support groups.

Says Ingrid, “Besides everyone who has held me up, I’d like to thank CANSA for their support groups for cancer patients, and also those who donate to CANSA for making these groups possible, because without them I wouldn't be able to celebrate life today”.

CANSA recognises the value of support groups for cancer survivors, caregivers and loved ones. 

We offer those affected by cancer the opportunity to become part of a caring community when they join their local CANSA Support Group, or any of our Online Support Groups, which are all listed on our website.

What’s important for you to know is that you’re a significant part of the support network – through your donations, which make the groups possible…


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