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Rising above darkness: Missing Children South Africa lights the path to hope and unity

By Pulse Communications

In a stark revelation that demands our immediate attention, the heart of

South Africa throbs with a disquieting truth. Ranking at number 7 worldwide in the number of annual kidnappings, and with over 1,000 kidnappings per month 1, statistics on kidnapping and human trafficking have cast an ominous cloud over our nation, unveiling a crisis that can no longer be ignored.

In the past decade, the alarming surge in kidnappings has surged by an astounding 183%, a stark escalation from 3,832 reported incidents in 2012/13 to a staggering 10,826 cases in 2021/22. Shockingly, some of these abductions are orchestrated by sophisticated transnational groups specialising in high-value kidnappings, adding a chilling layer to this


Beyond mere numbers, these figures paint a haunting portrait of vulnerability, shaking our very foundations of safety and security. The threat of kidnapping is a reminder that no one is immune to the risk, regardless of age, gender, or background. In an increasingly interconnected world, where individuals are vulnerable both physically and digitally, the possibility of abduction transcends boundaries and circumstances.

“This sobering reality serves as a call to action for society to remain vigilant, educated, and proactive in safeguarding the well-being of ourselves and our loved ones,” says Bianca Van Aswegen, National Co-Ordinator at Missing Children South Africa.

Missing Children South Africa (MCSA) stands as a beacon of hope and a guiding light in the mission to locate and reunite missing children – and adults - with their families. As a dedicated non-profit organisation, MCSA is committed to providing critical support, resources, and advocacy for families facing the unimaginable trauma of a missing child.

Through a tireless pursuit of awareness campaigns, community

engagement, and collaborations, MCSA plays an instrumental role in raising public consciousness about the harrowing issue of child abduction. With a compassionate and determined approach, MCSA embodies the essence of unity and resilience as it works tirelessly to safeguard the future of South Africa's children, one reunion at a time.

The increasing number of children disappearing in South Africa alongside the escalating crisis of human trafficking necessitates immediate and collective action. Missing Children South Africa appeals to the public to become heroes in this battle, standing alongside the organisation in safeguarding the vulnerable. By donating or becoming monthly sponsors, individuals have the power to contribute substantially to the organisation's mission of reuniting missing loved ones with their families.

"At its core, this is a call for unity and compassion," emphasises Van Aswegen. Continuing, she says, "We firmly believe that every child deserves a hero, and in reality, heroes don't wear capes; they resemble ordinary individuals like you and I. Together, we are building a village of heroes, a community of support committed to addressing these heart-wrenching challenges."

How You Can Help:

Missing Children South Africa relies entirely on the generosity of donations and sponsorships from the people of South Africa. To make a tangible impact, consider becoming a monthly sponsor or making a donation through the organisation's website:

Additionally, for those who wish to raise awareness and make a recurring contribution, the organisation offers a seamless process through SnapScan. This tool enables donors to contribute directly through the SnapScan app and convert their support into an ongoing monthly commitment.

For more information, visit and become a hero.


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