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SOGA ORGANIC Citrus Juice – delicious and nutritious!

By Lize Garrod

SOGA Organic® grow, produce and package the first and only Certified Organic Citrus juice in South Africa right here in the heart of the Sundays River Valley, Eastern Cape!

Our passion for healthy living and keeping our products as real and authentic as possible saw us launching a product that is 100% pure with NOTHING ADDED. Yes, a single ingredient product you can TRUST that contains no preservatives, no additives, and no added sugar or water and as a Certified Organic product you are also guaranteed no harmful pesticide residues or chemicals.

Just squeezed and freezed® goodness in a bottle. Now that’s refreshing!

Do your health a favour and try our refreshing Orange Juice or Ruby Grapefruit juice or if you are looking for something a little sweeter, the new Naartjie Juice is a winner! For sharing there’s the bigger 500ml Orange juice in certified compostable packaging, made 100% from sugarcane.

If you want to kick start your day with some warm lemon water or add a zesty lemon taste to

anything, our 10ml sachet of pure Lemon Juice is the answer. With convenience in a bag, you never have to run out of lemons ever again! Whichever way you enjoy your ‘SOGA’, you can be sure that all our products have Vitamin C levels of over 40mg/100ml, so just a small dose will provide you with your recommended daily allowance and keep colds and flu away naturally.

Our frozen citrus juice products are available in over 500 stores nationwide, including selected National retailers and many organic-orientated stores/deli’s/restaurants. Find our products in the frozen section to take home or chilled in the fridge to enjoy immediately. You can also Shop Online and get the only certified organic citrus juice in South Africa delivered to your door, for more information visit:


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