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SOS Africa Completes Build and Launches Rejuvenated Gordons Bay Education Centre

Updated: Mar 7

By SOS Africa Children Charity

It was a poignant milestone and an unforgettable moment 3 years in the waiting, when the SOS Africa children moved into the fully renovated Gordon’s Bay Education Centre earlier this week. But as Project Architect Claudia showed them around their new home, it’s fair to say that their awestruck expressions and contagious excitement made the whole process worthwhile!

SOS Africa purchased 18 Blue Gum Avenue, Gordon’s Bay in early 2021 thanks to a generous corporate donation and a remarkable Minecraft Livestream fundraising effort; the latter providing us with the funding required to transform the house into a fully operational education centre.

However, due to a prolonged planning application process, the refurbishment and launch date for the new facility was repeatedly delayed until the Mayor of Cape Town gave the project the green light in May last year. Wasting no further time, within a few weeks the builders finally broke ground and the transformation was underway.

The full-scale renovations which followed were made possible by the collective efforts of builders and artisans from across the region, skilfully led by Grant from Dunkley Construction. Their unrelenting dedication to the project was truly inspiring; many of the crew members live in the same communities as our children and understand the incredible opportunities the new centre will provide.

Now complete, the new centre will facilitate supplementary education and holistic aftercare activities each weekday afternoon for children residing in local disadvantaged communities. In addition to the many indoor and outdoor study spaces which will host homework support and tutoring, the exciting new facility will also provide gardening, art, carpentry, cookery, swimming, music lessons and much more. In keeping with the ethos of the grassroots organisation, it is hoped that these opportunities will inspire children as well as give them confidence and skills which will set them up for life.

“It has been an emotional and hard-fought journey for us all. There were many occasions where it seemed that this day would not be possible but we kept our belief and focused on the impact this sanctuary would have upon the lives of those desperately in need of its support.” SOS Africa Founder, Dr Matt Crowcombe.

“We would like to say a wholehearted thank you to our sponsors for their belief and patience and to the many people who have played their part in this ambitious and life-changing venture! Your efforts will provide opportunities for deserving children which were once beyond their wildest dreams.”

The SOS Africa Staff are currently planning a more formal opening ceremony as part of the organisation’s 21st birthday celebrations later this year. In the meantime, watch this space for a virtual tour hosted by the SOS Africa Children. But for now, it is all systems go as the charity launches its new and exciting Gordon’s Bay Education Programme.


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