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Thee trip that turned into a journey

Updated: Sep 8, 2023

By Grant Luke Byron

I was always a happy child, or at least I seemed to think so - as did everyone around me. I continued to live life as I was; with the belief that I couldn't change things or make too much of a stir around me - that should be avoided at all costs!

So I was kind of surprised when one day, out of the blue I had an experience that was leagues beyond any level of enjoyment I had ever had, up until then.

I had gone on an adventure to a gathering up in the Garden Route, I was in College at the time and had managed to organize a whole group of friends to come along as well. We got up ridiculously early and headed through, It was an awesome experience just making such a trip.

Little did I know, however, that it was only the beginning. We got there nice and early in the morning, set up our camp, and slowly settled in. Little by little we ventured out and met others, chilled and chatted, whilst enjoying being in picturesque nature.

Later the first evening I took a little break from the music and went to sit next to a friend, they were speaking to someone at the time. I sat and was at peace, it was then I noticed there was something around his neck that looked just like Eyeballs.

Intrigued, I felt I had to ask him what they were. There was a glint in his eye and he told me to follow him - I did just that. We ended up back at the dance floor, where in the magic of the UV light they were glowing brilliantly.

He then started moving his hand and these 3 balls on a string seemed to magically move and dance, making all sorts of intricate and amazing shapes. Then he handed them to me. I remember being at a loss, not knowing what to do or where to begin.

So, slowly but surely, I started fiddling with them, doing significantly simpler and more basic things than what he had done, but it eventually started coming to life. I then lost track of him, and a while later realized that I had no idea where he was.

I did my best to search but had no luck in finding him. So I figured that if I hung onto them I could keep them safe and ensure they found their way back to him before the gathering ended.

I then went to meet up with friends where we relaxed and enjoyed our time before venturing out again - all the while fiddling and playing with the "Eye-balls". Then, whilst we were meeting some completely new people, I managed to do something, though I cannot remember what.

The experience, however, was peak. It went beyond anything else I had ever encountered; almost all the more so because I had never done it before, had no clue if I was able to do it again, nor even what it had been in the first place! I only remember how it felt.

That single moment allowed me to become aware of the deep darkness and the depression I had been in. I realized how I was living for other people's ideals and that, basically, it was a lie. It put a lot of things in perspective, and, more importantly,

it led me to realize how important play and conscious movement was for the person I am. It also got me started on a five-year journey learning how to make these, ("Astrojax" being the original name) which I have altered to GyroJax for my personal iteration -

an upcycled version that does the original proud, and is now beginning to be listed online at "". That journey helped me learn how to craft, upcycle, iterate, and crochet - to say the least!

I learned that going on an adventure where you have no clue of what the outcome will be can - and often does - lead to some of the biggest changes in one's life.


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