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TLC turns 30 years old!

By TLC Children's Home

As we stand in awe celebrating our 30th Anniversary as an organisation, we wish to recognise that truly ‘It takes a Village to raise a child’. Looking back at the many lives impacted, both directly and indirectly, we are thankful for the shared passion to serve the most vulnerable, and we recognize and honour the role our community has played in bringing us this far. The support of a global community has allowed us to extend the gift of belonging to so many vulnerable people over the years.

At present, across all programs, we have 60 beneficiaries. The Foster family babies and children we care for, our 5 vulnerable mommies in our A Mother's Hope program and their combined 8 children. Then there are our 5 Mother Mentors, drawn from our local community and the children and youth in our Strive to Thrive, youth development program. Even though we may be deemed a ‘little’ charity by most standards, the intentional and intensive time we put into nurturing and reweaving the bonds of belonging in our community have profound generational ripple effects.

This is why we are so passionate about fostering the sense of the collective... bringing others into our circle who also appreciate how the consistency of support from a broad base of supporters increases the lasting impact of individual gifts. Especially when so much is changing and shifting in the world today. It has been this collective support that has really

helped us to weather some of our most threatening financial storms. Sadly, with the inevitable knock-on effects of the global recession hitting our South African supporters especially hard we have understandably seen many of our local supporters having to suspend their monthly donations.

To mitigate this loss and help with our ongoing goal of sustainability we will be starting the coming year with a fresh focus and enthusiasm to widen our circle and introduce our important, life-saving cause to others who share our passion and are eager to join hands with us. If you're inspired to get others to join, we can work with you to give you ‘sharing’ materials that make this easier for you, and we are always happy to design a custom graphic

that you can share with your friends, family or colleagues.

For now, and more especially for our local supporters in the last few months of 2023, we are focusing our efforts on requesting one-time donations that will carry us through to the end of this year.

In other exciting news - our very own Pippa Jarvis recently had her first podcast interview with Emily Parkins from Philadelphia on "Mama Mummy Mom". You can Catch the interview on Sportify by following this link: Pippa on the Podcast.


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