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WhatsApp support platform to help parents and caregivers of young children


Cape Town – Parentline SA is an easy-to-use WhatsApp support platform offering comprehensive advice on parenting issues and challenges to parents throughout South Africa. Parents can easily join the user-friendly WhatsApp chat to receive instant access to parenting support, expert advice, and insights into the world of parenting.

Currently focused on 0-6-year-old children, the support line, established by the South African Parenting Programme Implementers Network (SAPPIN), provides parents with a wealth of information and expertise. Caregivers and parents can engage with relatable scenarios and receive guidance on how they can handle various situations and challenges

they may encounter, which may not be readily available at the local level. The focus is on fostering positive parent-child relationships and promoting a positive approach to parenting.

The Parentline SA WhatsApp platform offers light-touch support and guidance, as well as parenting resources and in-person referrals when necessary. We encourage community members, caregivers, and parents to spread the word about Parentline SA, so that we can become the primary helpline for parents across South Africa who might need support.

If you have a phone with WhatsApp, add Parentline SA to your contacts using the following number 087 813 4290, or use your phone to scan the QR code. SAPPIN is is a network of NGOs that use evidence-based research to develop parenting programmes across South Africa. Member organisations develop and run various programmes that guide and support parents and caregivers, to foster safe, warm, secure, non-violent home environments that allow children to reach their full potential. SAPPIN

promotes mutual support and learning and advocates for the importance of quality parenting programmes in communities where they are needed.

For more information, contact SAPPIN Director, Wilmi Dippenaar ( 072 673 4346) or visit the SAPPIN website:

Follow the SAPPIN Facebook page or LinkedIn page for more news on ParentlineSA.


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