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Where Are They Now? A Pebbles Project Impact Story

Updated: Jan 10

By Pebbles Project

Photo credit: Anna Lusty

24-year-old Jesmin grew up on L’Avenir Wine Estate in Stellenbosch where she lives with her mother and two siblings. After Jesmin graduated high school, she went on to pursue a career in the hospitality industry. Jesmin completed a course in hospitality at Bergzicht Training Centre in Stellenbosch.

In 2019, when Jesmin heard that Pebbles Project was opening its own manufacturing kitchen, she jumped at the opportunity to apply for a position as a kitchen assistant and was successful.

Jesmin loves working at the Pebbles kitchen. She says: “I enjoy coming to work every day. I like working alongside our kitchen manager, I learn so much from him. I enjoy learning new skills and challenging myself. I work with a great team, even on days when I feel low, I know my colleagues will lift my spirits.”

Jesmin loves working for Pebbles, because she feels like she can relate to the communities that Pebbles Project serves. She says: “I enjoy what I do, because I have members in my family who are in the same circumstance as the beneficiaries that Pebbles serve. I love feeling like I can help others who are in need. I am so proud to be working in the Pebbles kitchen and the fact that we are able to provide all the necessary nutrients to children. Because I know there are a lot of people who can’t afford to provide that for their children.”

Apart from working at the Pebbles kitchen, Jesmin also enjoys engaging with the children at the Pebbles Project After-School Clubs. Jesmin volunteered at the After-School Club on L’Avenir Wine Estate while she was completing her hospitality course. She says: “I love interacting with the children. That’s when I learned about all the amazing work that Pebbles does. It was lovely to see first-hand how much the children benefit from the Pebbles After-School Club. The children really enjoy coming to the After-School Club, because it’s a safe space for them to just be themselves.”

During her time as a volunteer, Jesmin was inspired to share her passion for dancing with the children, especially those who live on farms where they aren’t exposed to activities like dancing. She says: “There are certain farms that I specifically go to, because I know there are children who live there who would love to dance, but do not have the means to attend professional dance training.”

Jesmin continues to give dancing lessons to the children after hours and during the holidays. We are excited to see what the future holds for Jesmin and her passion for dancing that she uses to inspire so many…

Jesmin feels that Pebbles Project has changed her life. She says: “Pebbles gave me a new

perspective on the way I view the world around me. The work that Pebbles does reminds me of advice my mom always gives me: ‘If you are asked to wash someone’s hand, wash both hands.”


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