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Where Are They Now? A Pebbles Project Impact Story - Denno Ribbok

By Pebbles Project

22-year-old Denno grew up on Zuiderkruis farm in the Hemel-en-Aarde Valley near Hermanus. Denno is one of four children. He attended Hawston high school. Denno knew of Pebbles Project, because his younger brother attended the Pebbles Academy. It was through his younger brother that he heard that Pebbles Project was planning to open a Youth Development Centre at the Pebbles Project Hemel-en-Aarde Education Project.

After Denno finished high school, he decided to enrol into the Pebbles Project Early Adulthood Programme (EAP). Denno loves attending the Youth Development Centre. He enjoys the comradery between the staff and the other young adults. Denno says that: “I always feel like the Pebbles staff are always there for me. They are a great group of people. I feel like I can ask them anything.”

Denno didn’t always know what career he wanted to pursue when he grew up. The Pebbles Project Youth Development Centre Coordinator conducted an interview with Denno. She thought it would be a great fit for Denno to venture into IT. She informed him of an opportunity to complete an IT course. Denno admits that he was a bit nervous at first. He says that: “I had never done IT before; I was nervous, because I didn’t really know what to expect.”

Denno managed to push his nerves aside and grabbed the opportunity with both hands. He is surprised at how well he’s been managing. Denno is currently completing a IT Technical Support course, a NQF4 level course presented by Torque Technical Computer Training (Pty) Ltd. The course is accredited with MICT SETA.

A prerequisite of the course is to complete a full-time practical internship. Denno was offered a one-year practical internship at the Pebbles Project Hemel-en-Aarde Education Project. His duties include providing administrative and IT related technical assistance to the educators at the project as well as assisting with the Pebbles Project Early Adulthood Programme (EAP).

Denno is thankful for the support that he receives from the Pebbles Project staff, especially the Youth Development Centre Coordinator and the Pebbles Project IT Officer. Denno says that: “I like that I can contact the IT Officer to ask him questions and to let him know if I need help with something.”

Denno’s family is very proud of how far he’s come. He says that: “They stand behind me and they are supporting me all the way. They want me to be successful and to enjoy the work that I do.”

When asked about his dreams for the future, Denno says that: “I would love to work at Pebbles one day. I would like to further my studies in IT, but also explore other career avenues at Pebbles. I have a passion for music production and I would like to incorporate that into my career.”

Denno feels that there is a tangible change in his self-confidence ever since he’s joined the Youth Development Centre. He says that: “I used to be a bit shy and introverted, but now I can feel that I have gained confidence in myself. I can really see a prominent change.”

The Pebbles Project team is excited to explore Denno’s passion for music production. With such a dazzling and upbeat personality, we have no doubt that Denno will achieve great things! We are proud of Denno and look forward to see how his journey unfolds…

Denno says that: “I would encourage everyone I know to attend the Youth Development Centre at Pebbles. The chances of failing at Pebbles is so slim, because they provide everything that you need to thrive and for you to find your passion. Pebbles has been a very strong support network for me.”


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