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Where did it come from and how do we Embrace Village?


Where did Embrace Village come from?

The origins of our Village lie with the work of TLC Ministries, a family run Children’s Home

started in the 1990’s. It was a heartfelt response to the desperate need of

abandoned and orphaned babies caught in the fallout of the HIV/ AIDS pandemic -

caring for over 960 children in its first 30 years.

In that time the Founding Family committed to raising 35 children from difficult places and

eventually formalised the care of these children under a youth development program called

Strive to Thrive. A program implemented to meeting the developmental and safeguarding

needs of the variously-abled children who remained in permanent care with TLC, giving

them a supported plan for appropriate independence.

The evolution of our care model to include older youth both inspired and helped us to recognise the need to go to the roots of abandonment by supporting vulnerable mothers. If we want them to be more likely to keep their babies, or make sound choices for their placement they need a safe place to think. This program supports, empowers and liberates mothers from the guilt of abandonment.

How do we Embrace Village?

Building happy humans is a community activity and science shows that certainly

Motherhood is most effective when done in community. As part of the long term plan, an

integrated community program modelled on the philosophy of 'Village' life has emerged.

We deliberately weave into the care of our vulnerable infants the trauma-informed

nurture and specialist skills of our selected Mother Mentors. Our Mother Mentors are supported by community volunteers and elders who help guide and advise our youth in residence and the vulnerable mothers who come to us for help.

Daily activities such as running our Charity shop, food preparation, maintenance and child

care, provide the opportunity to take every action in building a true community.

In supporting families who are caring for children from difficult places, sharing what we have learnt takes place in the form of workshops, training and support groups now run on the site of our flagship Centre for Family and Belonging.

We are dedicated to creating a safe, healing, and mentoring space open to the public, and

where we are mindfully laying the foundation for sustainability as we align with multiple Global Goals - reweaving the social fabric to create a world where everyone can


The success of Embrace Village is seen not only in the number of mothers and children

supported but also in the profound and lasting impact on the community. By embracing

motherhood and offering maternal support from conception and beyond, Embrace Village

creates a ripple effect of positive change, fostering healthier families and stronger


We would encourage you to connect with us at or 011 948 7917. We

would love to show you our work and tell you more about our vision.

If you’d like to support the work, please consider making a donation via this link.


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